Playstation Rewards: Supplement Your Gaming Pt 1

I’ve been a member of Playstation Rewards for a while, any why not? I get rewards points for money I spend, but recently they’ve implemented a system that rewards you for trophies as well (US only, as far as I know). As an avid collector of trophies this was right up my alley. So I thought I’d leave a post here just in case not everyone on Playstation is aware of it.


Essentially you get 10 points per dollar spent in the store. Likewise, after unlocking the challenges for the trophies, you’ll earn 100 points for every 100 silver trophies earned, 250 points for every 25 gold trophies, and 1,000 points for every 10 platinum trophies. Unfortunately it looks as though you can only do these challenges 12 times (I’ve already finished the gold trophies). But still, at 1,000 points for a $10 rewards card doing all the challenges will net you $160 in rewards, plus whatever you spent in the store. Unfortunately, if you’ve already completed a game’s trophies it won’t go backwards, as in you only get credit for what you earn after unlocking the challenges.

With that in mind I wanted to see how little I could spend (in theory) in order to unlock all of the awards. The biggest things I’m looking for is 1) low price 2) easy trophies 3) quick to finish. Obviously the biggest climb would be 120 plats, but lets see whats doable. As a note, Pt refers to platinum, Au to gold, and Ag to silver and I will be assuming you have access to all 3 platforms (PS3, PS4, Vita) as well as accounts in several different regions (US, EU, JP, AS).

  • My Name Is Mayo (PS4/Vita) (2/120 Pt, 8/300 Au, 0/1000 Ag) ($0.99)

Mayo is a game that will earn you more money than you spent, if we break down each trophy to a dollar amount. It is also a crossbuy, meaning that buying it once for $0.99 on either console entitles you to the game on the other console for free. As a note, not all games that are on multiple consoles have different trophy lists, but Mayo does.

  • Slyde (PS4) (EU only) (3/120 Pt, 19/300 Au, 2/1000 Ag) ($2.31)

Unfortunately Slyde isn’t available in the US Playstation store yet. However it is easy to set up an EU account, and as long as your main account is the primary account on the system then you can play it on your main account. It is .99 GBP which is just over 1.3 USD.

  • 36 Fragments of Midnight (PS4/Vita) (US) (5/120 Pt, 41/300 Au, 2/1000 Ag) ($5.30)

Like Mayo, 36 Fragments of Midnight is crossbuy, meaning buying the PS4/Vita version will entitle you to the other free of charge. Which is good, because at $2.99 the trophies wouldn’t be worth it if you only got one, which is why I’m only counting the US version, but there is also a EU version if you care about trophies instead of only trying to create money, which is the point of this exercise.

  • Terminator Salvation (PS3) (6/120 Pt, 52/300 Au, 2/1000 Ag) ($5.30)

Alright, so looking around, I don’t think it’s possible to achieve what I’ve set out to do, which is actually earn money using trophy rewards. However there is a loophole using physical games. Gamestop has a full return policy within 7 days (at least last I checked). This means any game that has a physical copy, and can realistically be beaten within 7 days will be counted for free in this list. Granted that’s a bit shady, but it is perfectly within the rules to do so, so let’s say this is possible in theory, if it is possible.

But I digress. Anyway the Terminator game is easy, definitely doable in a night.

  • Hannah Montana The Movie (PS3) (7/120 Pt, 56/300 Au, 10/1000 Ag) ($5.30)

Yeah, not a proud platinum on many trophy hunter’s lists, but it all counts the same. And it is easy and was released physically.

  • Various Telltale Games (PS3/PS4/Vita) (14/120 Pt, 97/300 Au, 122/1000 Ag) ($5.30)

Telltale games are a staple on most big trophy hunters’ lists, and for good reason. They usually offer an easy platinum with lots of other trophies to fill out the game. Also most of the games are actually pretty good. Back in the “early” days Telltale games were packed all on disc. They’ve seemed to have ditched that in favor of “season pass discs” where having the disc entitles you to download the games from the store free of charge. Since I’m not sure how the season pass discs work as used copies, I’m only counting the games that come with everything installed on them already, which means 3 versions of the Walking Dead season 1, 3 versions of the Walking Dead season 2, 3 versions of the Wolf Among Us, and 1 version of Tales from the Borderlands. All of the games except for TFTBL had physical releases for PS3, PS4, and Vita and separate lists for each. TFTBL only had a PS3 and PS4 release and the lists were the same (there is a second list for PS4 digital, but I won’t be using it). Each game should only take a couple of days max, and those 10 games will net you 7 platinums, 41 golds, and 112 silvers.

  • Steins;Gate Games (PS4/Vita) (17/120 Pt, 109/300 Au, 162/1000 Ag) ($5.30)

This consists of thee games: Steins;Gate for Vita and Steins;Gate 0 for the Vita and PS4. Each has their own list. Steins;Gate also has a PS3 list, but it isn’t available physically (at least at Gamestop) so I won’t be using it. Steins;Gate is a series of visual novels, and they are actually very good. Playing through each one likely wouldn’t take a week, but there is a fast forward option for those who just want the trophies as well.

  • Murdered Soul Suspect (PS3/PS4) (19/120 Pt, 115/300 Au, 166/1000 Ag) ($5.30)

Murdered Souls Suspect was one of my quickest platinums, with a guide it shouldn’t take more than 8 hours. And with two trophy lists you’ll get twice as many trophies as you would otherwise.

  • Little Adventure on the Prarie (PS4/Vita) (21/120 Pt, 129/300 Au, 182/1000 Ag) ($7.29)

Finally another game that doesn’t exploit Gamestop’s return policy! This time it’s Little Adventure on the Prarie. The game is crossbuy and easy, which is about all it has going for it. It looks like a flash game, doesn’t control all that well, and doesn’t offer much outside of the trophies.

  • Energy Bundle (PS4/Vita) (27/120 Pt, 177/300 Au, 222/1000 Ag) ($14.28)

Another game from the Playstation Store, though it’s more accurate to say games. Energy Bundle includes Energy Cycle, Energy Invasion, and Energy Balance. Most games are fairly simple with a guide and since the games stack on PS4 and Vita that’s a big amount of trophies.

And that’s the end of part 1. We’re more than halfway to our golds rewards, hopefully we can nab it next week as we try to earn as much Playstation credit profit as we can using their rewards.