Fallout Shelter PS4 Trophies Leaked: What Should Trophy Hunters Expect?

As so often happens Exophase has leaked another trophy list, this time forĀ Fallout Shelter

The Vault management game first appeared on mobile prior to the release of Fallout 4 and has since found its way onto Steam and Xbox One. In my quest to earn all Fallout achievements I have actually earned all the Fallout Shelter achievements on steam, so let me tell you Playstation players what to expect.

There is a platinum!

Well first off there is a platinum trophy, which is a nice reward for the end of the journey. Along with the platinum come 4 gold trophies. Not a bad haul for what should end up being a free game. Which leads into…

It should be free

Now this is just a guess on my part, but an educated guess. Fallout Shelter was free on all other consoles it was released for and I don’t see why that would change. Especially since the game does have its share of microtransactions…

Microtransactions are there, but not needed for the platinum.

Most of the trophies will come naturally with enough playing time. There are a few grinds but nothing too difficult, just time consuming. A free lunchbox is earned every 7 days you play, as well as them being loot during quests and rewards for certain challenges. And the best news is…

The most difficult achievement did not come over.

In both the Steam and Xbox versions there was an achievement for obtaining 20 legendary survivors. Not too bad at the surface, since there are achievements for 20 legendary weapons and 20 legendary outfits, but once you play you realize what an awful achievement that was. For starters weapons and outfits can be crafted in their respective rooms, but of course dwellers can’t be crafted. And any baby born “legendary” (with really high starting stats) wouldn’t count. Similarly legendary weapons and outfits are frequent loot on quests, while only two quests offer legendary dwellers as a reward. So the achievement was essentially getting 18-20 legendary dwellers via Lunchbox. Oh, by the way, I found the rate that they were earned in lunchboxes about 1 in every 25 whereas weapons or armor was closer to 1 in every 10. Good riddance.

Any tips?

Well when I first saw the 20 dwellers achievement, my first thought was to just make a bunch of vaults over and over to earn the easy early lunchboxes and rinse and repeat. However, in my experience, while never specified the achievements must be earned in one save file. So in order for the 20 legendary weapons trophy to pop, you can’t have 3 vaults with 10, 7, and 3 weapons respectively, but one vault must get to 20 legendary weapons.

A second tip would be that Endurance is the most useful of all SPECIAL stats, especially when sending dwellers out into the wastes. If you get a level 1 character with 2 or 3 END, send them out to the wastes with your best END armor and best weapon and you should get all the trophies for leveling a dweller from 1 to 50 fairly easily. When leveling up a character’s HP is increased, and the higher their END, the higher the increase, which is why I’d say that’s the easiest way to get these trophies.

Final Word

Don’t get confused, this is a very easy platinum. There’s no real skill involved, but it is also going to be a very time consuming one. Odds are it’ll take a good 40 hours of in game time, at least. Which will probably be at least a month in the real world. There’s only so many quests you can do at once. My best advice is to look over the trophy list to know what you’e looking for and just play with those in mind.